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Are you ready to tap into your greatness?  Do you have goals or dreams that are just not achieving themselves? Would you love to feel more purposeful in your life, work and relationships?

Are you ready to take your life to an elite level?

If you said yes, I might be just the coach for you.

1-on-1 Prosperity weekend

Just one weekend to change your life! Meet up with me for a personalized weekend designed just for you.  Your adventure in paradise could be in Panama, Puerto Vallarta, or California, depending on the time of year.

You’ll take stock of your life; where you’re at and get clear on what you truly desire in your life.  You’ll identify your personal and business passions to help you to reignite your life and create your personal vision map.

Platinum Coaching Program

As your coach, the benefits you get working with me include finding new happiness, learning the ability to love life again, and living a life full of Passion & Prosperity.

There are a variety of programs available.  Check below for more details.


Start to earn money around the clock, even while you sleep, with referrals on world-class products and services.

I will show you how you can receive residual income to live the lifestyle you want to enjoy.

The benefits you get working with me include finding a new happiness, learning to love life again, and living a life full of Passion & Prosperity.

What is Prosperity to me?

An abundant life filled with health, happiness, peace, financial blessings, love, laughter, freedom and a “knowing” that without a doubt you are living your most passion filled life.

Work with me…

I have so much fun and am so passionate about what I do. As a result of my experiences and studies, I find that my clients are able to increase their happiness, determine their purpose in life, and begin to live a life of abundance and prosperity.  I love working with people who are wanting a fresh start in life.  This might be after a death of their partner, finding themselves alone again, or after a divorce or relationship breakup and they need to re-create a new life, a career change…what ever it is – it is time to start over.

What can you expect from working with me?

Lead from the Heart

I’ll show you how to combine spirituality and business, so that you can call on your courage to push past fear and tap into power and inner peace. You’ll lead with love instead of swimming in a dark sea of stress and drama.


Live with Purpose

I’ll lead you to uncover your top 5 passions and teach you how to make decisions in favor of them. Then you’ll create your goals and life map around your dreams.  Spending your time and energy purposefully and waking up happy.

Life by Design

Continuously find yourself in the right place at the right time, as you live a life you design in full alignment with your passions.  You’ll see what is holding you back, where you are self-sabotaging and what it will take to open you up to great abundance.

What Coaching Packages do I offer?

**The Signature Elite Program is for you if… You’re committed to a deep, powerful transformation. You desire to combine spirituality with business to create epic results. You’re ready to step into the fullest expression of yourself and desire great prosperity & abundance.

Elite Client Program

What is an Elite Client? Someone who is committed to making the best Choices of anything considered. You’re an elite client if… You are in a class of people who want the most out of life and are eager to create it and experience it. You are the person that I want to give my best too. You see the power in combining spirituality and business to achieve Prosperity Success and peaceful happiness. Together we will commit to creating your 
Best in Prosperity, Peace and Happiness.

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