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Read about the experiences these amazing women had at our Starting Over Retreats

I heard about the retreat through my cousin.  She had lost her husband 3 years before so we both figured that we could use help in starting over without our husbands.  And as my wise cousin said, any more tools we can learn to get through the grief would be great.

I had many shifts during the retreat and slowly could feel myself awakening to a new me. But the biggest shift to me happened on a zoom call a couple of months after the retreat. On a call, I heard the words “be wildly open” and that shifted me into realizing what my potential could be and to be open to anything that comes your way because you just never know where that road is going to take you!

I heard about Bonnie’s Starting Over retreat from one of my closest friends who had been the previous year and raved about how refreshed she felt as she moved intentionally forward into a new career path.

My biggest takeaway surprised me at my deepest levels, as well as new connections and intentional direction for my business I reconnected with my spiritual Self opening up new perspectives.

I was reinvigorated with practical tools that I use regularly to move forward intentionally by following my genuine passions. I have new perspectives on how I connect with those who matter most to me. I am moving in new directions with my business. And I have a number of fabulous women around the world with whom I have meaningful connection.

I came to the retreat to learn how to work through my grief, and how to start over without my best friend.  I was the primary caregiver for my husband and didn’t realize how deep my grief and pain was until I was in a room with amazing women listening to their stories.  Simply put, I didn’t feel alone anymore.

I came with one of my closest friends who for the first time was seeking a women’s retreat that would challenge her to step outside her comfort zone and go deep with Self. Personally, I wanted the opportunity to pause, reflect and move forward intentionally with confidence and joy in life. I also looked forward to meeting amazing like-minded women from around the world, to connect in meaningful ways that develop long-term friendships.

I have been attending the Starting Over Retreats since May of 2016, since then I have been to five of the retreats. The first one I went to I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into and it was a very last-minute decision for me. I decided to be open to whatever the weekend held. Turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences on my life!! I learned all about my passions, how to set boundaries and how to live my best life. Always one of my biggest takeaways every year is to always choose things that are in alignment with your passions and that it is okay to put yourself first! 

I’ve continued to come to the retreats so many times because no matter what is going on in my life, they always touch me in different ways. Every time the retreats are over, I always look back and realize how I have gained so much insight in myself and how I can continue to better myself. One of the best things I think about the Starting Over Retreats is the sisterhood that you gain and always knowing there is a group of strong kick-ass women who always have your back!  

I loved sharing our stories and listening to the other women.  When you trust a room full of strangers and share openly and let your raw emotions out, it was a deeply moving experience. I liked being introduced to meditation and journaling.  More tools to help move myself forward and get unstuck. Learning about finding my passion was instrumental to getting me to where I am today.  What I found most beneficial were the zoom calls after the retreat.  It was a way to stay connected and learn more  with Bonnie’s guidance as well support from all the women is so powerful.

I heard about Starting Over on Facebook, it was at time I was at a crossroads in my life. It was exactly what I needed a retreat with like minded woman in a beautiful setting in one of my favorite places in the world. Bonnie and her daughter Amber facilitated the first two retreats I attended in all I attended 3 and look forward to going back. I went to get some direction and regain a purpose in my life and what I received was even more I meant great women who were open and  inspirational and with many remaining dear friends today. I feel very blessed that the universe brought me to this group which was a pivotal part of my life today.