Passion Test for Relationships Retreat


The purpose of the Passion Test is to get clear on what you need to do together to enjoy a fulfilling relationship.


Imagine taking the relationship you have now and increasing the love and passion in your relationship. Most people have communication breakdown, which leads to a breakdown in every area of your relationship. It’s expensive and traumatic to experience divorce and separation. Are you ready to ask these questions?

  • What if you could discover a way to increase love, understanding and passion in your present relationship?
  • What if you understood each other’s passions and then were to map out your own life’s desires?
  • What if you could both support each other to live your very best life?

The Passion Test for Relationships helps you achieve all these together. Isn’t your relationship worth it?

Test is for 2 people, 7 days at Panama villa.

Retreat includes breakfast and accommodation.