Where I have been…

My journey in the wellness industry began as a Registered Nurse, specializing in women’s health, anti-aging wellness strategies and mental wellness. 

I continued with further study in personal and spiritual development. Combining mystical intuitive insights with a scientific system designed to Discover, Uncover and Activate an up-leveled lifestyle and relationships.

Where I am now…

With over 20 years of study and practice, I am passionate about creating powerful personal growth, increasing passion in relationships & adding passion-filled results to entrepreneurs’ businesses. 

As a coach, retreat facilitator, and key-note speaker, my systems focus on increasing love, abundance, and wellness in people’s lives by looking into your true desires and opening you up to exceptional prosperity*.

I will assist you to determine your top passions in life, love, and business before guiding you through a series of steps to create more happiness, success, and prosperity in every area of your life.  You will become aware of how to manifest “Bigger Dreams” into your reality.

*Exceptional Prosperity: peace, joy, love, abundance & wellness.

You will find me loving life in Panama and Puerto Vallarta.

So many people are unhappy and some are out of balance,
yet they think it’s too late to change their lifestyle, their happiness, and their prosperity.
The truth is, it’s never too late!

We all have the opportunity to start over.
We are amazing, divine beings that have the POWER TO CHANGE!
I look forward to creating your Transformation together.