Where I have been…

As a business & Relationship Coach and Key-note Speaker, I speak and coach passionately on “Starting Over” in relationships, business and personal life.  Dedicated to bringing spirituality together with business, I also focus on rebuilding lives when someone has suffered a loss; loss of a friend, a partner, a soulmate, a career position, a business, and any loss that feels like it takes your whole purpose away. It’s all about “Starting Over”.

As a Registered Nurse for many years, I specialized in Natural Health and Wellness, which lead me into personal development, lifestyle coaching, and educating on health & anti-aging.

With over 20 years experience in the Wellness industry and as a Life Coach & Workshop Leader, I am living my passion of inspiring others to live big, think big and love life.

Where I am now…

As a Transformational Life Coach,  I am committed to bringing spirituality and business together to create your Prosperity and a life of Passion!  I am the co-founder of Little Black Dress Plan, a coaching and retreat program designed to support women to live their greatest dreams. 

Recently, I have become passionate about our programs for men and women who are looking to transform their lives in the areas of love, abundance and wellness.

My focus is assisting you to determine what has been holding you back, and how to increase love, abundance and wellness in your life.

Once we determine your top passions in life, love and business, we then take the steps to create more success, happiness and prosperity in every area of your life: Love. Abundance. Wellness.


I’ve also built two multi-million dollar residual income companies and now work with team members to recreate the same success.

You will find me loving life in Panama, Puerto Vallarta, California and Canada.

So many people are unhappy and some are out of balance,
yet they think it’s too late to change their lifestyle, their happiness, and their prosperity.
The truth is, it’s never too late! 
We all have the opportunity to start over.
We are amazing, divine beings that have the POWER TO CHANGE!
I look forward to creating your Transformation together.