is to INSPIRE others to live their life with clarity & direction.

Using my “UDA” system, you will Uncover, Discover & Activate your purpose and passions, creating more “Love, Abundance & Wellness” for optimal living.

spirituality + business
equals prosperity

Dare to Live, Dare to Love

Are you ready to start over?

This is one of the best investments you can make in yourself, in your business and in your dreams.

Take your life from mediocre to magnificent by living a life on purpose, ditching the ideas and self sabotaging excuses that stop you from being the game-changer you were born to be.


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Passion Test

The purpose of The Passion Test is to get clear on what you are most passionate about in your life.

Utilizing The Passion Test process, we’ll uncover those things that mean most to you in your life.


Experience your journey to move into your Prosperity.

Our sessions will discover the Power you have to change your income.

Step into your greatness, discover your passions and exercise your power!